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Tuning Electrostatic Interactions To Control Orientation of GFP Protein Adsorption on Silica Surface

Nitin Kumar Singh, Karthik Pushpavanam, Mithun Radhakrishna

ACS Applied Bio Materials 2023;


Self-Assembled Amino Acid Microstructures as Biocompatible Physically Unclonable Functions (BPUFs) for Authentication of Therapeutically Relevant Hydrogels

Vishwas AkavaramKush KumarShreya SriramSaisrinath NarraAkshant KumawatSantosh Kumar MeenaKarthik Pushpavanam

Macromolecular Bioscience 2023;


Versatile Detection and Monitoring of Ionizing Radiation Treatment using Radiation-responsive Gel Nanosensors

K. Pushpavanam#, S. Dutta#, S. Inamdar, T. Bista, T. Sokolowski, A. Rapchak, A. Sadeghi, S. Sapareto, and K. Rege 

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2022; 14: 14997–15007


Radiation-responsive Amino acid-Nanosensor Gel (RANG) for Radiotherapy Monitoring and Trauma Care

K. Pushpavanam#, S. Dutta#, N. Zhang, T. Ratcliff, T. Bista, T. Sokolowski, E. Boshoven, S. Sapareto, C. Breneman, and K. Rege 

Bioconjugate Chemistry 2021; 32: 1984-1998

This article is on the cover of the October 2021 issue


Interrogating Biomineralization One Amino Acid at a Time: Amplification of Mutational Effects in Protein-Aided Titania Morphogenesis through Reaction-Diffusion Control
K. Pushpavanam, B. Hellner and F. Baneyx

ChemComm 2021; 57: 4803-4806


Solid-Binding Proteins: Bridging Synthesis, Assembly, and Function in Hybrid and Hierarchical Materials Fabrication
K. Pushpavanam, M. Jinrong, C. Yifeng, N. Nasser and F. Baneyx
Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 2021; 12: 333-357

This manuscript was an ‘Invited Review’


Phase Control of Nanocrystalline Inclusions in Bioprecipitated Titania with a Panel of Mutant Silica-Binding Proteins
B. Hellner, A. E Stegmann, K. Pushpavanam, M. J Bailey and F. Baneyx
Langmuir 2020; 36: 8503-8510


Plasmonic Gel Nanocomposites for Detection of High Energy Electrons
K. Pushpavanam#, S. Dutta#, S. Inamdar#, T. Bista, T. Sokolowski, S. Sapareto and K. Rege
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2020; 8: 4930-4939
This manuscript was an ‘Invited Article’ for a themed issue ‘Hybrid Nanoparticle Composites’


Protein‐facilitated gold nanoparticle formation as indicators of ionizing radiation

A.Thaker, K. Pushpavanam, T. Bista, S. Sapareto, K. Rege and B.L Nannenga

Biotechnology and Bioengineering 2019; 116: 3160-3167
This manuscript was chosen as part of ‘Editor’s Choice Articles’


Determination of Topographical Radiation Dose Profiles using Gel Nanosensors
K. Pushpavanam, S. Inamdar, S. Dutta, T. Bista, T. Sokolowski, E. Boshoven, S. Sapareto and K. Rege
Science Advances 2019; 5: eaaw8704

This manuscript was highlighted on ‘ and KJZZ


Mechanistic investigation of radiolysis-induced gold nanoparticle formation for radiation dose prediction
B. Akar, K. Pushpavanam, E. Narayanan, K. Rege and J. Heys
Biomed. Phys. Eng. Express 2018; 4: 065011


Hydrogel Nanosensors for Colorimetric Detection and Dosimetry in Proton Beam Radiotherapy
S. Inamdar#, K. Pushpavanam#, J. Lentz, M. Bues, A. Anand, K. Rege
ACS Appl. Mater. and Inter. 2018; 10: 3274-3281


Detection of Therapeutic Levels of Ionizing Radiation Using Plasmonic Nanosensor Gels
K. Pushpavanam, S. Inamdar, J. Chang, T. Bista, S. Sapareto, K. Rege
Adv. Funct. Mater. 2017; 27: 1606724-1 - 1606724-7
This manuscript was highlighted on ‘Nanowerk’


Polypeptide-facilitated Formation of Bimetallic Plasmonic Nanoparticles in Presence of Ionizing Radiation
K. Pushpavanam, J. Chang, S. Sapareto, K. Rege
Nano LIFE.

2017; 7: 165006-1 - 165006-9


Molecular and Nanoscale Sensors for Detecting Ionizing Radiation in Radiotherapy

K. Pushpavanam, E. Narayanan, K. Rege
ChemNanoMat. 2016; 2: 385-395
This manuscript was an ‘Invited Review’ and was highlighted on ‘Angewandte Chemie and Angewandte Chemie International Edition online’


A Colorimetric Plasmonic Nanosensor for Dosimetry of Therapeutic Levels of Ionizing Radiation
K. Pushpavanam, E. Narayanan, J. Chang, S. Sapareto, K. Rege
ACS Nano. 2015; 9: 11540 - 11550
This manuscript was selected for the ‘Research Highlights’ section of the journal


Biotemplating Plasmonic Nanoparticles Using Intact Microfluidic Vasculature of Leaves

K. Pushpavanam, S. Santra, and K. Rege
Langmuir. 2014; 30: 14095-14103


Generation of Polypeptide-Templated Gold Nanoparticles using Ionizing Radiation

C. R. Walker#, K. Pushpavanam#, D. G. Nair, T. Potta, C. Sutiyoso, V. D. Kodibagkar, S. Sapareto, J. Chang, and K. Rege
Langmuir. 2013; 29: 10166-10173


An analysis of drifts and nonlinearities in electrochemical impedance spectra
N. S. Kaisare, V. Ramani, K Pushpavanam, S. Ramanathan
Electrochimica Acta. 2011; 56: 7467-7475

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